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1. Taipei is Asia’s 2nd richest city per capita.

Taipei is a city made on modern wealth, today it still is one of the world’s leading cities in producing and researching electronics. Many industry leaders in the tech world are based in Taipei and have given rise to its industrial prowess in the field of technology development.

2. Fascinating history

Taiwan was first inhabited by Taiwanese aborigines and the colonized by the Dutch and then the Spanish in the 17th century. Later the Qing Dynasty took over in 1683, but after losing the Sino-Japanese War in 1895, Taiwan was handed over to the Japanese. The Republic of China then took the island back in 1945. The current political status of Taiwan is ambiguous because after the Chinese Civil War China was split into two present-day self-governing entities of the People’s Republic of China (known as China) and the Republic of China (known as Taiwan). The island’s cultural heritage is a blend of Taiwanese, traditional Chinese and Japanese.

3. Easy transportation system and Youbike – bike share program

It’s easy to fly directly to Taiwan from the US or from Europe. Taipei has a 10 line MRT subway, a high-speed train line to cities on the western coast, trains and bus options.

The Taipei bike share program was first introduced in the 2000s, the system is eco-friendly and will only cost you a few cents an hour. The program is known as Youbike and there are over 200 stations around the city to pick up and drop off your bike.

4. Amazing street food

The night markets are a big part of the Taiwanese culture, you’ll be surprised with a lot the smells and tastes. One of the most popular night markets in Taipei is Shilin Market, it has food options at cheap prices that attract large crowds every evening. If you go there don’t miss the stinky tofu and the oyster omelette.

5. The people

The perfect hosts, the people of Taipei are always eager to engage with their tourist visitors.

6. Nature: hot springs and hiking spots

Most of Taiwan’s hot springs are located mostly in the east, but in Taipei you can still find some hots springs in Beitou and Yangminshan.

Taiwan has the fourth highest elevation of any island in the world, with its maximum height of 12,966 feet. About 20% is protected land while 30% is forest, today Taiwan has nine national parks, one of the most popular ones is Taroko National Park.

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