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Taiwan vs China

Benefits of Studying in Taipei

There are many cities where you can learn Chinese, here are the main advantages of studying in Taipei:

🎯  The teaching method in Taiwan is often praised as a better learning environment – more conducive to picking up the language.

🎯 A Taiwanese accent can also be slightly easier for foreigners to learn and understand that, say, a Beijingese accent.

🎯 It is also easier to go from traditional characters to simplified characters

🎯 Moving to a city as “east-meets-west” as Taipei, may be an easier transition

Did you study in Taipei? Tell us how was your experience on the comments 🙂


Taiwanese Cuisine

Taiwanese cuisine is influenced by Chinese and Japanese Cuisine, the most common ingredients used are pork, seafood, chicken, rice and soy.

Here are some suggestions to start with:


Cong Zhua Bing with Black tea


Taiwan is full of breakfast shops (早餐店, zǎocān diàn), you’ll have no trouble finding one. Breakfast here is quite different from western breakfasts, Taiwanese can eat noodles, dumplings, rice balls, burgers, sandwiches; the options are endless.


Taiwanese beef noodle soup, 牛肉麵 (niúròu miàn)


Beef noodle soup is very famous and popular in Taiwan, but if you are not into soup you can find many dry noodle (乾麵, gān miàn) options too.


Taiwanese hot pot, 火鍋 (huǒguō)


Taiwanese love hot pot, even in summer sometimes. There are many options of hot pot restaurants, some mala hot pot places, all you can eat hot pot and also stinky tofu hot pot. You should definitely try it!

Nightmarket food

Gua Bao, 刈包 (guàbāo)


Bubble Tea, 珍珠奶茶 (zhēnzhū nǎichá)


Mango shaved ice, 芒果冰 (mángguǒ bīng)


Taiwanese sweet sausage, 香腸 (xiāngcháng)






If there is no dormitory accommodation available or if you prefer a different living arrangement, off-campus apartments, studios, and flats are available. Most Mandarin learning centers provide information about local rentals on the internet. Rent ranges from US$200 to $600 per month, depending on the type, quality, and location of the accommodation.

  • 1 month rent for 85 m2 furnished apartment in an expensive area: 62,000 NT$
  • 1 month rent for 85 m2 furnished apartment in a normal area: 27,000 NT$
  • 1 month rent for 45 m2 furnished apartment in an expensive area: 35,000 NT$
  • 1 month rent for 45 m2 furnished apartment in a normal area: 18,000 NT$
  • 1 bedroom in city center: 14,000 NT$
  • 1 bedroom outside city center: 9,000 NT$


Websites to look for rooms/apartments


Taipei must sees

Here’s the TOP 10, read until the end because as people that live in Taipei, we’ll tell you about some secret spots.

1) Elephant Mountain (Xiangshan), Taipei sunset
2) Longshan Temple and Huaxi Street Nightmarket
3) Shilin Nightmarket, a must-go nightmarket
4) Leisure in Ximen, also known as Taipei’s Shibuya
5) Taipei 101, the most elegant skyscraper
6) Freedom square near Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall MRT
7) Taiwan National Museum

Once you have done the to do, you are ready to feel some taiwanese culture.

1. Go to a baseball game, Brother Elephants. It is super cheap, around 15€, and you are gonna see an incredible atmosphere. After the game, yo can try some street food outside of the stadium like Taiwanese sweet sausage, nothing like the ones we eat in Europe.


2. Get some Taiwanese breakfast,  (radish cake) with tuna dan bing (pancake with egg) and hong cha (black tea).


3. The daily markets are really interesting, a mix of scents and flavors all around the place. It is worthy to walk around and explore their food.

4. Night markets


5. Maokong gondola

The gondola is near Taipei Zoo MRT (brown line), it has 4 stations in its 4,3km line. The ticket fare depends on which station you stop, it varies from 70-120 NT$ one way. On the last stop you’ll find many tea shops with great views.


6. Taipei zoo

You can get to the zoo easily by public transport, it’s open everyday from 9:00 to 17:00. The entrance fee is 60 NT$ for adults and 30 NT$ for children.


7. Tamsui

Tamsui is in the end of the red line, it is about 1h from the city center. There you’ll find some old historical buildings and forts, a place to bike, many local food stands. It’s a great place to watch the sunset.


A bit farther but still close to Taipei (1-1h30), you can go on a these day trips

a) Jiufen

Jiufen is the town that inspired the movie spirited away. It is an old gold mining mountain town with many narrow alleyways.


b) Pingxi


c) Beitou Hot springs


d) Yangmingshan National Park



Cost of Living

Some might think Asia has a lower cost of living but Taiwan is slightly more expensive than Paris and Milan. Even though Taipei is the most expensive city to live in Taiwan, it is still less expensive than Beijing, Singapore, Hong Kong or Seoul. But most importantly the cost of living will vary according to the area you choose to live and the lifestyle you choose to have.

Updated august 2018


  • 1 bedroom apartment (city centre): 14,000 – 27,000 NT$
  • 1 bedroom apartment (outside of the city): 9,000 – 20,000 NT$
  • 3 bedroom apartment (city centre): 31,000 – 58,000 NT$
  • 3 bedroom apartment (outside of the city): 23,000 – 40,000 NT$


  • Bus/train fare: 20 NT$
  • Monthly Pass: 1,280 NT$
  • Taxi rate (per km): 25 NT$
  • Gasoline (1 liter): 28,52 NT$


  • Meal at inexpensive restaurant: 100 NT$
  • Meal at a business district: 200 NT$
  • Combo meal at fast food restaurant (ex. Big Mac): 139 NT$
  • Domestic Beer (0.5 liter draught): 50 NT$
  • Imported Beer (0.33 liter bottle): 60 NT$
  • Cappuccino (regular): 75 NT$


  • Cinema, international release: 300 NT$
  • 1 month gym membership: 1,400 NT$
  • 1 beer in pub (500 ml): 180 NT$
  • Tennis Court rent (1h on weekend): 400 NT$


  • The Health Insurance in Taiwan is quite advanced and the prices are low