Study Chinese Language Online

Study Chinese Language Online

If you want an easy way to start learning a new language, you should consider studying Chinese Online.

Online courses are a popular option for people who value convenience, flexibility and lower total costs (many courses are free!). You get to pick your comfortable learning environment and you don’t waste commuting time anymore. People who look for this type of course has to have self-motivation and good time-management skills though, but don’t worry if you are not great at it yet, you can have this chance to challenge yourself and practice.

Many web pages offer online language courses, here are some that focus on Chinese Language:


Learn Chinese through a free app, you can only dedicate 5 mins a day. Their lessons look like games.


The courses are free but you can also choose a course with a certificate and pay a small fee for it. Currently there are 6 different courses according to your Chinese level.


Coursera offers a free 10-15h course for beginners. When you finish you’ll get a certificate .

If you are interested in learning Chinese locally though we can help you find an immersive course, message us!

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