Benefits of Studying in Taipei

Taiwan vs China

Benefits of Studying in Taipei

Are you in doubt about where you should go to study Chinese? Taiwan (ROC) and China are very different not just in size but as well as politics, methods of teaching and also the characters being learned (traditional vs simplified)


🎯  The teaching method in Taiwan is often praised as a better learning environment – more conducive to picking up the language.


🎯 A Taiwanese accent can also be slightly easier for foreigners to learn and understand that, say, a Beijingese accent.


🎯 It is also easier to go from traditional characters to simplified characters


🎯 Moving to a city as “east-meets-west” as Taipei, may be an easier transition


We came to study Chinese in a language school in Taipei for a year, one of us without any previous knowledge and one with some knowledge. If you guys have any doubts don’t hesitate to message us. We can give advice about language schools, cities, neighborhoods, etc. 


Did you study in Taipei? Tell us how was your experience on the comments 🙂


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