1. Hello: Nĭ hăo/ Nĭn hăo (Pronunciation: Nee how / Neen how)

2. Thank you: Xièxie (Pronunciation: hsieh hsieh)

3. You are welcome: Bú kèqì (Pronunciation: Boo khe chee)

4. Pardon/Excuse me: Bù hǎo yì si (Pronunciation: Boo how eeh si)

5. How much?: Duō-shǎo-qián (Pronunciation: Doo oh show chee an)

6. I don’t understand: Tīng bù dǒng (Pronunciation: Teeng boo dong)

7. No problem: Méi yŏu wèntí / Méi wèntí (Pronunciation: May yo when tee / May when tee)

8. Where is it? Zài nǎli (Pronunciation: Zeye nah lee)

9. Bathroom: Cèsuŏ (Pronunciation: Tse sue-oh)

Cèsuŏ  zài nǎli? (Where is the bathroom?).


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