Learning Chinese in a group environment is a rewarding and fun experience, but for many, one-to-one tutorship can have a more positive and rapid effect on development. Our Chinese-language tutors can provide one-to-one tutoring tailored to your specific needs; whether it’s to speed up learning, provide assistance with areas of development, or drive you towards completion of a goal, our one-to-one classes will prove ideal.

To ensure that the service we provide matches the needs of our students, we run a flexible timetable with morning, afternoon and evening classes.

Who should join a one-to-one course?

Our one-to-one classes are available for anyone looking to develop their Chinese-language skills in a relaxed environment with the undivided attention of an experienced tutor. Whether for work or pleasure, education or fun, we will be able to get you headed towards the goal you’ve set for yourself.

What does the one-to-one study programme cover?

The contents of a one-to-one tutorial will be tailored specifically to your own requirements, whether it’s help in pronunciation, preparation for examinations, or even assistance in business Chinese. In addition, all tutors have the experience to help define objectives and plot a path to achievement.

Why should I enrol on a one-to-one course?

The decision of whether or not to attend one-to-one classes is yours alone to make. We will encourage and assist you with any needs you have, and support you in your Chinese-language development. We even offer a flexible timetable to ensure that, should you need our assistance, we will be able to offer a time during which we can help.


Cost: From 18€ per hour
Duration: Per hour Basis
Timetable: 1-16 hours per week, AM and PM

One – One Courses

Prices are in NTD (New Taiwan Dollar).

Course Standard Individual Intensive Individual
Duration 20h 1-on-1 30h 1-on-1
1 week 21,760 32,643
2 weeks 41,630 62,451
3 weeks 56,776 85,159
4 weeks 71,912 107,868
5 weeks 87,994 131,996
6 weeks 103,328 154,991
7 weeks 117,900 176,846
8 weeks 131,716 197,568
9 weeks 144,770 217,156
10 weeks 157,076 235,609
11 weeks 168,612 252,924
12 weeks 181,678 272,512
13-52 wks 15,136 22,708


  • Individual Chinese tuition
  • Professional teacher
  • Textbooks
  • Free level assessment
  • Free study planThere are no registration fees, no accommodation finding fees or other charges other than your course fees shown above.

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