Foreigners can’t apply for the National Health Insurance when they arrive, so if you need to see a doctor you’ll need to pay full fees.

To be qualified for Taiwan’s National Health Insurance (NHI) foreigners need to have been staying in Taiwan for consecutive 6 months after they receive the ARC. (but you can leave Taiwan once for less than 30 days; and after excluding the days you are out of Taiwan, the days you stay in Taiwan shall be exactly 6 months in total).

    • How to apply for the NHI:
      1. Go to the Administration Division of your resident area for the insurance sheet with your ARC.
      2. Go to the Bureau of National Health Insurance for the Insurance IC card with your ARC, insurance sheet and one photo (2 inches).
    • For detailed information: The Bureau of National Health Insurance, Taipei
    • Address: 5F, No.15-1, Kon-yuan Rd. Taipei City
    • TEL: (02) 2191-2006

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