Who should join a 4 weeks chinese work out?

The main focus of the 4 weeks chinese work out is a Rapid Learning for Communication in Spoken and Written Chinese. If you want to feel a full immersion our chinese teachers set students clear learning objectives and use different teaching techniques to provide language practice in speaking, writing, listening and reading, to improve Chinese pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary.

These Chinese language classes also include a Taiwanese Culture Component, which covers Chinese  language, traditional music, history and culture. These special Chinese lessons will provide those students with a better knowledge of the local people and culture, enabling them to become more actively involved with the unique Taiwanese way of life.

What does the one-to-one study programme cover?

This program covers intensive language classes and cultural activities to enhance students’ learning motivation and Chinese language skills, with a focus on improving Chinese speaking ability, and is designed to meet the specific needs of each individual. Students will communicate with locals in Chinese daily and be immersed in a Chinese-speaking environment.

Why should I enrol on a one-to-one course?

Write to us and we will help you to take the best decision.  We have been in your position and we understand how many options are in the market. We can advice and guide you to achieve your goals.


Tuition includes language & culture classes, textbooks, and weekly excursions.

US$ 1,000





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